All fundraising figures are approximate and include an element of matching funding raised by the charities involved as a result of the concerts we have put on.
TIBET - £3,000 to date
Tibet Foundation - LINK
The Tibet Foundation was established in 1985 with the aims of providing healthcare, education and social economic support for people of Tibetan origin, both those living in exile, and those living in Tibet itself. It provides facilities to create a greater awareness of Tibetan culture and works to ensure its preservation, also to make available the thoughts and ideas of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, spreading his message of peace and harmony.
Tibet Relief Fund - LINK
The Fund was founded in 1959 to provide urgent and vital support and aid in the form of food, clothing and medical assistance for those Tibetans who had followed the Dalai Lama to India. Over the ensuing 50 years, Tibet Relief Fund has expanded and developed its work and now runs and supports a wide range of life changing and innovative projects, helping and empowering Tibetans in India and Nepal and also inside Tibet. Every year since 1959 thousands of Tibetans risk their lives crossing the Himalayas, to escape political and religious persecution, imprisonment and torture. They are fleeing a country where they are now in a minority and where their culture and language have been systematically wiped out. This has been the terrible reality for Tibet since China invaded in 1950. A third of the refugees will be children; many will leave home without their parents.
Tibet House Trust - LINK
Helping people of Tibetan origin in Exile through sponsorship, to support education for young children and support refugee and elderly monks and nuns to practice their religion in peace; projects, to relieve poverty, rehabilitate new refugees, improve health care and promote sustainable developments and self sufficiency; emergency relief, providing necessary relief in times of emergency like flood, droughts and snow-storm; and cultural projects, promotion and preservations through which we provide grants for Tibetan language, cultural education and hold events.
Adhoc Hums funds went to Tibet Foundation's Yushu Flood Disaster Appeal, providing vital emergency winter aid to the flood damaged area; to help building Genye Nomadic Community School in Tibet in one of the deprived, poorest and yet culturally rich areas of the world; and to funding therapeutic children's music education at Tibetan Children's Village through Tibet House Trust.