Orchestra members for 12 February 2011 at Cadogan Hall, London.
Violins 1
Tara Persaud
Susan Knight
Jason Weir
James Maggs
Anna Sadnicka
Xandrija Edwin
Videl Bar-Kar
Lois Oliver
Nadine Nagan
Christian Roberts Lewis
Arnaud Ghillebaert
Dylan Evans

Violins 2
David Pievsky
Danielle Dawson
Ursula Sagar
Tom Claydon
Nicola Robinson
Nancy Buchanan
Charlotte Amherst
Anna Lowenstein
Katie Kinnear
Ange Levesque
Helen Prentice
Mike Solomon Williams

Zami Jalil
Rob Spencer
David Wallace
Steve Potter
Rory Storm
Susannah Rang
Chris Brody
Sanchia Norman
Ellie Merton

Natasha Briant
Sean Knox
Rebecca Johnson
Saranne Jones
Tom Martin
Will Amherst
Frederique Le Grand
Mark Walkem

Double Bass

Sam Rice
Hattie Scott
James Bartholemew
James Parfitt
Jene Saisquoi
Autres Gents

Fraser Kellman
Kenny Sturgeon
Christina East (cor)

Emma Brown
Hannah Grayson
Dan Dixon (picc)
Mike Copperwhite (alto)

Naomi Bristow
Chris Goodman
Alan Lakin (Eb)
Sarah Douglas (bass)

Sharuddin Rosunally
Nick Macorisan
Jemima Oousthizen
Katie Lawrence (contra)

French Horn

Andy Feist
Jamie Thomas
Gina Fullerlove
Laurie Truluck

David Carnac
Phil Cambridge
Ed Hilton (bass)

Chris Dennis

Fontane Liang
Anneke Hodnett

Michael Omer

David Coronel
Scott Lumsdaine

Scott Lumsdaine
Rob Summers
Dominic Thurgood
Sonia Barcelo
Fergus Brennan
Merlin Jones
Ignacio Molins
Neil Morris

Above is the final lineup for the orchestra playing Daphnis.  During other pieces, seating arrangements were different particularly for wind and brass sections.  A massive thanks went to Andrew for conducting, and each and every member of the orchestra for participating and doing so much more than just playing at this concert.  Thank you so much!  Thanks also to Horst Kolo who re-built the website for days and continues generously to update it; Stefanie Rumplet for the flier; printers Face Creative Services; Buckingham Balti, Thames Tandoori, Aysha Raza, Michael Omer.  Special thanks to Zami, Raja, Emmanuel Despax and the Pakistan High Commission for extra help.